Love Wave Contest #02

Shine bright!

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Venue Port House
Host broadcaster RTBF
Opening act

Rhythm of Love by Loic Nottet

Number of entries 36
Winner "We are the soldiers" by Ira Losco
System 50 % Jury, 50 % Audience
Null points TBA

01 Austria.png  Vienna Eurovision_Heart.png

03 Malta.png Valletta

Love Wave Contest, often referred as LWC, was the debut edition of the Love Wave Contest. The second edition was held in Brussel, Belgium as it was the host's country. Radio Télévision Belge de la Communauté Francaise (RTBF) chose the Port House located in the capital city of the country. Alexandra Vandernoot was selected as the presenter of the event. Thirty eight countries participated in the second edition, all of them being debutants as it was the first edition. In order to participate, the countries had to be firstly approved to be members of the Broadcasting Union.


Brussels region is made up of 19 separate communes; the City of Brussels is one of these communes has about 150,000 inhabitants and dates back to the original city built in the 13th century. Some fun facts about Brussels include the fact that on last count there are 249 butchers, 874 hairdressers and 647 pharmacies. This can be noticed almost immediately when you walk down the streets, you will see at least 1 hairdresser and 1 or 2 pharmacies, which are marked by giant neon green cross signs.

Brussels is one of the most international cities in the world. 27% of the population is made up of foreigners, not including those who have taken Belgian citizenship. In following with its status as the Capital of Europe (the seat of the European Union), Brussels is the location for 40,000 EU employees, 4,000 NATO employees and hosts about 300 permanent representations: lobby groups, embassies and press corporations.

Semi-Final Allocation Draw 

Pot 1
Flag_of_Australia.png Australia United_Kingdom%28Great_Britain%29.png United Kingdom Flag_of_Bosnia_and_Herzegovina.png Bosnia & Herzegovina
Belarus8.png Belarus Italy.png Italy Lithuania.png Lithuania
Israel.png Israel Sweden.png Sweden Finland.png Finland
Russian_Federation.png Russia Belgium.png Belgium Ireland.png Ireland
Netherlands.png The Netherlands Greece.png Greece Austria.png Austria
Flag_of_Armenia.png Armenia Flag_of_Turkey.png Turkey Latvia.png Latvia
Pot 2
Albania.png Albania San_Marino.png San Marino Slovenia.png Slovenia
Malta.png Malta Ukraine.png Ukraine Germany.png Germany
Flag_of_France.png France Denmark.png Denmark Estonia.png Estonia
Flag_of_Romania.png Romania Flag_of_Cyprus.png Cyprus Poland.png Poland
Kosovo.png Kosovo Bulgaria.png Bulgaria Switzerland.png Switzerland
Norway.png Norway Iceland.pngIceland Spain.png Spain

1st Semi-Final 

Eighteen countries participated in the first semi-final. The highlighted countries qualified for the final.

Draw Place Country Artist Song Total
01 03 Netherlands.png The Netherlands O´G3NE Wait A MInute 279
02 05 Finland.png Finland VENIOR Sugar Rush 246
03 01 Albania.png Albania Lindita Cold World 297
04 06 Flag_of_France.png France L.E.J La dalle 241
05 15. Poland.png Poland Sarsa Indiana 138


Lithuania.png Lithuania Ignas Valiulis I Come Alive At Night 69
07 04 Belarus8.png Belarus Alexander Rybak Strela Amura 257
08 14. Flag_of_Bosnia_and_Herzegovina.png Bosnia and Herzegovina Emina Jahovic Posle mene 154
09 07 Italy.png Italy Marco Mengoni Onde 235
10 09 Ukraine.png Ukraine Jamala It´s Me, Jamala 211
11 12. Slovenia.png Slovenia Siddharta Nastalo bo 172
12 10 Flag_of_Cyprus.png Cyprus LOUIS Demenoi Sto Sagapo 210
13 16. Germany.png Germany US5 Rhythm of life 85
14 18. Kosovo.png Kosovo Rita Ora Your Song 0
15 11. Norway.png Norway Astrid S Hurts So Good 203
16 13. Flag_of_Armenia.png Armenia Sirusho Vuy Aman & Sebu 155
17 02 Denmark.png Denmark Emmelie de Forest Hunter & Prey 280
18 08 Estonia.png Estonia Kerli Diamond Hard 218

Country/ies giving 12 points in the 1st Semi-Final

No. Contestant Nation(s) giving 12 points

Flag_of_France.png France

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Armenia

Finland.png Finland

France, Estonia
Flag_of_Bosnia_and_Herzegovina.png Bosnia and Herzegovina Ukraine, Cyprus
Denmark.png Denmark Finland, Slovenia
Slovenia.png Slovenia Belarus, Albania
1 Belarus8.png Belarus The Netherlands
Netherlands.png The Netherlands Lithuania
Germany.png Germany Poland
Flag_of_Cyprus.png Cyprus Italy

2nd Semi-Final 

Eighteen countries participated in the first semi-final. The highlighted countries qualified for the final

Draw Place Country Artist Song Total
01 03 Greece.png Greece Helena Papariziou Haide 271
02 08 Flag_of_Romania.png Romania Elena Body Song 233
03 01 Spain.png Spain Ruth Lorenzo 99 284
04 17 United_Kingdom%28Great_Britain%29.png United Kingdom Tom Rosenthal A Thousand Years 150
05 07 Flag_of_Australia.png Australia Samantha Jade Firestarter 242
06 12 Iceland.png Iceland Rakel Pálsdottír & Arnar Jónsson Again 205
07 02 Austria.png Austria ZOË Dangerous Affair 284
08 06 Ireland.png Ireland Niall Horan Slow Hands 250
09 14 Flag_of_Turkey.png Turkey Aynur Aydin Measure Up 193
10 11 Bulgaria.png Bulgaria DARO Onto you 216
11 15 Sweden.png Sweden Laleh Colors 160
12 09 Belgium.png Belgium Laura Tesoro Higher 223
13 16 Latvia.png Latvia GACHO Skills To Party 158
14 13 Russian_Federation.png Russia IOWA 140 204
15 05 San_Marino.png San Marino Annalisa Una Finestra tra la Stelle 259
16 10 Israel.png Israel Campaign Wants Believe me 216
17 04 Malta.png Malta Ira Losco We Are The Soldiers 263
18 18 Switzerland.png Switzerland DJ BoBo CHIHUAHUA 149

Country/ies giving 12 points in the 2nd Semi-Final 

No. Contestant Nation(s) giving 12 points
1 Latvia.png Latvia Sweden
Flag_of_Turkey.png Turkey Greece
Russian_Federation.png Russia Ireland
Iceland.png Iceland Israel 

Grand Final

Twenty countries participated in the final, with all thirty-six participating countries eligible to vote.

Draw Place Country Artist Song Total
01 03 Finland.png Finland VENIOR Sugar Rush 300
02 11 Flag_of_France.png France L.E.J La dalle 247


Ireland.png Ireland Niall Horan Slow Hands 234
04 19 Israel.png Israel Campaign Wants Believe me 192
05 08 Flag_of_Romania.png Romania Elena Body Song 261
06 10 Estonia.png Estonia Kerli Diamond Hard 250
07 01 Malta.png Malta Ira Losca We are the soldiers 348
08 09 Ukraine.png Ukraine Jamala It´s me Jamala 255
09 18 Flag_of_Australia.png Australia Samantha Jade Firestarter 193
10 14 San_Marino.png San Marino Annalisa Una Finestra tra la Strelle 236
11 16 Italy.png Italy Marco Mengoni Onde 222
12 04 Netherlands.png The Netherlands OG3NE Wait A Minute 292
13 07 Denmark.png Denmark Emmelie de Forest Hunter & Prey 263
14 17 Flag_of_Cyprus.png Cyprus LOUIS Demenoi Sto Sagapo 212
15 20 Belarus8.png Belarus Alexander Rybak Strela Amura 175
16 02 Albania.png Albania Lindita Cold World 336
17 05 Belgium.png Belgium Laura Tesoro Higher 286
18 06 Austria.png Austria ZOË Dangerous Affaire 277
19 12 Spain.png Spain Ruth Lorenzo 99 243
20 13 Greece.png Greece  Helena Papariziou Haide 238

Country/ies giving 12 points in the Grand Final

No. Contestant Nation(s) giving 12 points

Voting grids