Germany debuted in the first edition of Love Wave Contest has participated in every edition since then. The German broadcaster, NDR, has been in charge for the country's participation since the first edition. The broadcaster started hosting national selection in every edition since the very first participation.

The contest has been broadcast since the first edition by NDR and had several commentators in charge either for radio or television. The spokespersons have been different since the first edition.

History of Germany in the Love Wave Contest Bearbeiten

NDR showed interest on participating in the contest very early. They confirmed their debut a few minutes after the submissions of the contest had opened. Since the ninth edition NDR is hosting a regulary selection. Their best result is so far their twenty-two place in the first edition while their worst result is sevententh place at the semi-finals in the sixth edition.

Contestants and Results Bearbeiten

Edn. Artist Song Final Points Semi Points
01 No Angels Disappear 22 10 - -
02 US5 Rhythm of life - - 17 85